Thursday, March 11, 2010

Book review: Threads by Sophia Bennett

Threads arrived in a sweet gift wrap with a little note from the author herself(my first so I was all exited about that!), a heart shaped chocolate(hubby drooled over it so I had to give it to him) and a miniatyr sewing kit.

Before I begin this review I have to comment on the cover(this is the Norwegian version). Isn't it nice? I feel happy just by looking at the colorful cover.

Tell me what's this book about?

Nonie, a girl who lives and breathes for fashion, Edie a girl who wants to work for UN when she grows up and Jenny a new star in Hollywood. Edie is an idealist an works on many different projects, one of the things she does is volunteer to help other children with their homework. Through this project the three friends meets Crow, a 12 year old refugee from Uganda. Crow cannot read and Edie is struggling to find a way to teach her. Together the girls quite by chance figure out a way to make Crow want to learn how to read. Crow loves fashion and she can design the most amazing dresses. Through their friendship with Crow the girls all get their chance to realize their own dreams, but is it right of them to do so?

My thoughts on Threads:
This is a fashion fairytale, there is no other way to put it. I say fairytale because the story isn't very realistic, you have to take it for what it is; a fairytale. If you do as I advice then you will enjoy this sweet story about four girls and a couple of boys and a whole lot of fashion. I'm sure all the girls out there who loves fashion will appreciate all the references to the real fashion world.

If I was a teenager today then I'm sure I would have devoured this book and loved it, the 26 year old me really enjoyed reading this book and looks forward to read the sequel Boys, beads and bangles(don't you just love the title?!). Unfortunately it doesn't come out in Norway until 2011, so I think I have to read it in English(I don't mind that at all ;))  Threads is divided into fairly short chapters which makes this an easy read even for a reluctant reader, it is easy to take short breaks when the chapter ends(but I think most of the readers in Threads target group will finish this book in no time).

Worth noticing: £1 from every sale going direct to Save the Children. Kudos to Sophie Bennett and her publisher I think that is great! It makes me feel guilty for receiving a copy, let's hope that my review will get at least one more copy of Threads sold.

My rating of this book:

3.9 out of 5 stars.

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Did you know?
Sophia Bennett and her novel Threads won The Times/Chicken House Competition 2009.

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Threads by Sophia Bennett
Pages(hardcover): 272
Publisher: Chicken House Ltd (In Norway: Cappelen Damm)
ISBN: 9781905294985
Source: Review copy for a book blog tour arranged by the Norwegian publishing house Cappelen Damm for a review on my Norwegian book blog.