Monday, April 30, 2012

Memorable Monday #13 - Forbidden

Welcome yet another Memorable Monday! This meme is all about sharing a quote that you've chosen yourself, a quote that for one reason or another spoke to you. 

In this weeks edition of Memorable Monday I'm sharing a quote from a book that I just finished, like half an hour ago(!), it's called Forbidden and it is written by authors Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee. It's a dystopian novel suitable for, I would say, the older YA reader and adults(a kind of crossover title). 

"The human heart is a delicate thing." She drew back and put her hands on his chest. "I know that now. It's the sorrow you feel that allows you to crave love. Without that suffering, there would be no real pleasure. Without tears, no joy. Without deficiency, no longing. This is the secret of the human heart...."

I would love for you to join me with a Memorable Monday quote(or quotes) of your own.

Want to know more about this meme? Just read this post. The short and easy guide? Just write a blog post where you share a quote that you like, come back here and leave a link in the inlinkz widget below.

The winner of my World Book Day(Night) contest from last weeks MM was #10 according to and that was Elin! Congratulations! I'll email you tomorrow :)


  1. yay! on sharing the same fave cs lewis quotes!
    i just haven't got them on my fridge as yet ;))

    thx for the visit !


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