Contact Us/Policy

We are currently not accepting review requests.

If you would like us to review a book, please contact us with a summary of the book and any other relevant information about the title in question at

We are proud Kindle owners and that means we are more than willing to accept e-ARCs.

Who are we and where do we live?
From June 21st 2012 this blog is written by two Norwegian girls, Silje & Mari, and Sylke from The Netherlands. We do have a blogging friend living in the USA who is willing to forward review copies to us if any American publisher would want a review on our blog but for some reason are unable to ship the ARC abroad.

Want to know more about us?
Check out our individual presentations: Mari, Silje & Sylke.

Where will the review be posted?
We will post the review here on Escape In A Book (you can find all the books we've reviewed here), on Goodreads and on Amazon by request. 

Contemporary fiction and speculative(dystopian, science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal and so on) fiction targeted to YA readers.

If the book in question is a part of a series please make sure that we have read the first book(s). If we haven't and you still would like us to review the series then please provide a copy of the first book(s) too.

Not accepting:
Non-fiction and erotic literature.

Please keep in mind that we are not professional book reviewers, we are just girls who love to read.