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We are currently not accepting review requests.

If you would like us to review a book, please contact us with a summary of the book and any other relevant information about the title in question at

We are proud Kindle owners and that means we are more than willing to accept e-ARCs.

Who are we and where do we live?
From June 21st 2012 this blog is written by two Norwegian girls, Silje & Mari, and Sylke from The Netherlands. We do have a blogging friend living in the USA who is willing to forward review copies to us if any American publisher would want a review on our blog but for some reason are unable to ship the ARC abroad.

Want to know more about us?
Check out our individual presentations: Mari, Silje & Sylke.

Where will the review be posted?
We will post the review here on Escape In A Book (you can find all the books we've reviewed here), on Goodreads and on Amazon by request. We strive to review the book as close to its publication date as possible. 

Contemporary fiction and speculative(dystopian, science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal and so on) fiction targeted to YA readers.

If the book in question is a part of a series please make sure that we have read the first book(s). If we haven't and you still would like us to review the series then please provide a copy of the first book(s) too.

Not accepting:
Poetry, non-fiction and erotic literature.

Promoting your book?
Any young adult author is welcome to ask us to host a book giveaway, guest post or an author interview. We prefer giveaways that are open internationally but the majority of our readers are based in the UK and USA so we are happy to host giveaways restricted to those countries as well. Remember to specify in your email.

Please keep in mind that we are not professional book reviewers, we are just girls who love to read.

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