Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How long is your wishlist?

This thought came over me as I answered a comment from Teddyree. Do you keep a list over books you want to read(for example a wishlist on Amazon or something like that)? How many books are on your list? I have my main wishlist on Amazon and right now there's exactly 200 books on my wishlist.

Here's some of the books from my wishlist:

By the way what is the correct way: Wish list or wishlist? I've seen both being used.


  1. I keep my TBR/wish list on GoodReads and I currently have 93 books on it. However, my list grows daily so we'll see what I add to it tomorrow, lol.


  2. My friend bought me a book journal for that very purpose. Yes, I could use something like Amazon or Listal, but I like this tangible list keeper. Maybe I'm weird, but I don't care! ^^ I have a few pages filled up right now.

  3. My wishlist is on GoodReads and there are currently 270 books on it. Though it will probably be at 300 before long as I add quicker than I receive. lol.


  4. I have my wish list in a little sparkly pink notebook that I can carry in my handbag. I like to take it out with me and look for bargains. My list is up to 225 as I write!

  5. Hehe... I don't really have a wishlist, I just have books that I KNOW I want, and then I have a to-read list. Which is 5000+ (yep, that's written right) and growing.


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