Saturday, April 10, 2010

Waiting in my bookshelf - pictures from my shelf

So if any of you are curious about my bookshelf...:

In these two baskets below are most of the books I have read. I usually try to giveaway or put up my books for mooching once I've finished them, so that's the reason that I don't have a large number of books read. Quite frankly I haven't got the room to store all that many books in the tiny house we're living in(but if we ever should buy a larger house my dream is to have a study of my own where I can have shelves on every wall =))

So moving on to my unread books. I want to specify that only ONE of the books in my TBR pile is one I have received for review. Meaning that no one is waiting for me to review all of these books(I of course put review books before the ones I've bought). These are books I've bought myself, mooched and a few of them I've borrowed from my sister.

I'm not sure if you noticed but I have tried to sort my books by genre, but some of the books I just had to put wherever they could fit.

Did you notice that almost every one of the books I own are written in English? I almost feel a bit guilty towards the Norwegian publishing industry for that LOL but if a book originally is written in English I prefer to read it in the original language(or if it is translated from say Russian to English but not to Norwegian then I buy the copy that's available for me to read).

Now I'm off to enjoy the sun sparkling in the sky outside my window.