Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book review: Here lies Bridget by Paige Harbison

My summary:
Bridget is the schools most popular and mean girl. One day a new girl, Anna, comes to school and she is the kind of girl everyone just loves. Bridget hates it, especially when Anna hangs out with Bridget's ex-boyfriend, whom she still loves. Things start to go down hill for Bridget and one day she drives away from school blinded by hurt and anger. Bridget fantasizes about what would happen and how people would react if she has a car accident. Well Bridget gets to find that out sooner than she thought possible and she gets stuck in limbo where she has to walk in the shoes of some the people she hurt. Bridget is granted one day to make it right with the people she has hurt.

My thoughts:
Here Lies Bridget is a type of, well almost at least, a fairytale about a mean girl. It reminded me a bit of Cinderella and it had some elements from A Christmas Carol

The main character, Bridget, was downright mean and during the first half of the book I didn't like her.That being said it was possible, to some extent, to understand part of the reasons why that made Bridget that way. Author Paige Harbison also did a good job reminding the reader that even small remarks can sting more than we sometimes think.

For me even though I started out disliking Bridget this was a real page-turner of a story and I enjoyed every minute I spent between the pages. Paige Harbison is one gifted young writer and I'm looking forward to read the next piece of fiction coming from her pen.

The cover:
I just think it's awesome, beautiful mixed with a dash of dark humor.

My rating of this book:
4 stars out of 5

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Here lies Bridget by Paige Harbison 
Published: January 18th 2011
Pages(paperback): 224
Publisher: Harlequin TEEN
ISBN: 0373210280 (ISBN13: 9780373210282)
Full disclosure: 
ARC received, for honest review, from Harlequin via NetGalley.   

This book can be purchased from a number of local retailers and on-line book stores such as Amazon or The Book Depository (I'm not an affiliate of either). The latter store does by the way have free shipping to about 100 countries.  


  1. I started out not liking Paige much either. I totally agree that this is kind of a mean girls meets A Christmas Carol type of novel.

  2. Thanks for the review. For some reason I thought this book would be more in the style of Before I Fall, but sounds like it's different. I'll have to look it up. :)

  3. I fear that I would give up, I do not like meanies :( Even if she does change


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