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Why I'm not a writer - come share your story.

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Have you ever written a story?

It's well know fact that quite a few book bloggers have a dream about becoming published authors and a lucky few are in the progress of getting published(I'm so exited on their behalf!). Perhaps you sometimes wonder if the blogger you're visiting has a secret dream of getting his or hers story out there? Well here is the story of why I'm a reader, not a writer. I hope there is some comfort for you in my story, my poor unimaginative soul ;)

When I was younger, I'm guessing when I was about thirteen and some; I used to think that I could be a great writer. I wrote little stories on my mum's old typewriter and in notebooks. The last thing I wrote was something that was going to be a great romance novel, suitable for young adults of course. I want to roll around on the floor laughing at myself just thinking about it now, I'm pretty sure I would have gotten a letter of rejection if I ever tried pitching that story to a publisher or an agent.

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I'm not sure how it is in other countries but here in Norway a lot of tween and young teenage girls goes through a phase where they love horses. I was one of those girls; I remember begging my father for a horse. I grew up on a farm and in our barn we had a room called 'The Stable', that's where our grandfather used to have a work horse when he was young. Of course that meant that we should have a horse there, but my father was unwavering, no horse for me.

I had to escape in the world of fiction to get my wish come true, so naturally one of my most infamous works was about a horse. It went something like this:
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 One sunny day I was outside walking down the road behind our barn. The fields were lush, yellow and ripe, soon autumn would come. I walked down a little hill, that was when I saw the horse. It was all alone and I didn't know of anyone close by owning a horse so I knew it had to be far from home.

I brought the horse back home with me and told my parents that we had to keep it. We put a add in the paper; 'Horse found', but no one came forward to claim it. That was how I got my own horse. The end.
So you see my imagination has never been very good, how about you? Have you ever written stories? Whether you have a great imagination or none at all I would love to hear from you :) It's nice to get to know my readers a bit better.


  1. My grandparents to have a room also called the stable, but the horse died before I was born :/ But yes I had that phase too.

    As for writing, I love it, but uni kind of killed it a bit. I just did not have time, but when I look back. yes I have actually written a book, more than one in this fantasy series. My dream,

  2. Bloduedd: How fascinating! I'm very curious now and in serious envy of your imagination ;)

  3. I think a lot of readers go through a phase where they think "I could write something like this!" I did, but now I just look back on my old attempts at writing and laugh and laugh.

  4. At least is very entertaining for us the, the creators :)

  5. I definitely remember going through the phase where I was planning to write a book. I sat and wrote about 30 pages (pretty good for a girl who was only 15) and got upset that I wasn't filling up more pages. I remember what it was about, love and not much else. No plot, no suspense, just love. I even read it to my friends who thought it would be a good book. When I read it a few years sucked! I sent it to make friends with the garbage.

  6. 30 pages? That is quite the accomplishment, Sherre. My stories were much shorter. My love story was also just about love, love and cute, romantic guys.

  7. Hi, there, Mari!

    You now have 1,000 followers, because I just became your newest one! You have a BEAUTIFUL blog, by the way! I came over to investigate because I happen to use the name "Mari" on Goodreads. I wanted to see where you were from. I'm originally from Cuba myself, but grew up in the United States.

    And now to comment on this post. I'm one of those bloggers who has a dream of being pubished one day. I've written some fan fiction (some of which you can find if you search the labels directory on my blog), but I get very discouraged with myself...I have a lot of self doubts. However, if one has a dream, one should really push forward and try to make it a reality. So, I haven't given up, even though I know that getting published is not easy, unless, of course, one decides to go the indie route.

    I think you're being too hard on yourself. You should work at polishing your craft. You probably have the same problem I do -- lack of self-confidence. I would encourge you to keep trying! Make yourself sit down one day, and just write, and write, and WRITE. See what happens! Do some browsing on Amazon, and find books on writing techniques. Maybe sign up for a creative writing course, either in a school, or online. But don't give up!!

    And as for horses, I went through that phasse, too! I LOVE these animals!!! I never owned one, either... but I read as many horse novels as I could find, when I was a young teen. Now I'm more into fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance, but I still love a good horse story! (And I STILL wish I could own a big, black Arabian stallion...)

    Have a GREAT weekend!! : )

  8. hehe that was a cute snippet of a story! And yes, I'm one of those bloggers who secretly wishes she could just sit down and finish a story for crying out loud (doesn't matter if its crappy...just finish it!). Sometimes it takes me away from blogging for a while. But I do love blogging too much to leave it for long. It's fun to see other people's comments about books you've read and discuss it with them. Also, I think pretty much every girl I know has had a horse obsession at some point (unless they had a bad experience with one).


  9. haha I don't think I'm cut out to be a writer. I can't commit to such a huge project and I think I'd be dead even before the querying stage :P (let alone, if i ever finish a story) And hehe, that horse story is cute :)

  10. I have never written a story and I'm not sure if I ever going to do it. I really don't have any desire to write a book, but I keep thinking about this Dutch writer. She did research about her great aunt and the live she had in the 1920's. I loved that story and I thought wouldn't that be fun. So now I'm thinking about doing that. Not now, but when I have my degree and a lot more time to do research. I would want to research the history of my family too. Write a book about it? You never know, right! ;)

  11. I admire those who can write. Since I was a kid I always had some sort of story going on in my head, and they would change in plot, characters and still, I still go into my daydream more where those characters are. I have fun messing with them in my head. But as of writing, I don't think that's my talent. I wrote a short story (very short) and that's it. If I do decide to write, it will be published on FictionPress or something like that! (laughs)

  12. I am quite sure I never was and never will be a writer but at age 13 I decided to write an adventure story (in the style of Enid Blyton). I spent every waking moment scribbling away in note books – secret tunnels, clanking chains you know the kind of thing. I left home got married and forgot all about it – I guess it went out with the rubbish – probably the best place for it!

  13. Maria Behar: Thank you! Great Goodreads name ;) Iw wish you all the best working on your story!

    Audrey:Me neither, it's enough of a commitment to be blogging I think.

    xalwaysdreamx:Ha ha, thanks :) It's very exiting to hear from some one who has a dream about writing a story. Myabe the horse thing is some kind of world wide girl thing(in the countries where we are lucky enough to have hobbies and live a good life).

    Nina: That is a great idea! I love researching family history and I'm sure some of the stuff one finds while researching has potential to become a great book.

  14. mfay2:Sounds like you might just have a great idea swimming inside your head!

    Barbara Fisher March House Books:13 must be a very creative time in our lives ;) I have to admit that I love saving my silly old stories.

  15. Hi, again, Mari! Thanks for the best wishes!!

    Come over and take a look at my blog!

  16. I'm a new follower here...I loved your story snippet, it's sort of made me laugh, and there's not many laughs on book blogs these days. I am the kind of person who writes like 1000 words a day and hope to get published, so I can't say much on not being a writer, but I do remember writing something quite similar when I was younger :) Maybe yeah, girls really do have a thing for horses.


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