Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why are YA heroines so scared of love?

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Why do you think this is so common in YA?

I've noticed a trend lately in various YA novels(especially YA PNR); the heroines tend to turn their back on love. Or at best they're always questioning the boy's intentions. I'm sorry to say that it feels highly unrealistic that most teenage girls would be scared of getting a boyfriend. I mean older girls who've had bad experiences in the past; sure I could definitely buy that but a fifteen, sixteen year old girl not trusting enough to love for the first time? The only thing that could make me buy that one if is the girl has experienced serious trust issues with her family in the past. I'm just so tired of this!

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I need some a YA heroine who has a great big dash of self confidence. I long for something else than "He probably doesn't even like me", "it is just my imagination", "it can't last forever", "I'll be hurt for sure". When I was a teen the girls (included myself) fell in love all the time and our thoughts were the exact opposite to YA heroines of today, of course the relationship would last forever! We had never been this happy or THIS MUCH in LOVE.. lol


  1. I didn't notice until you pointed it out, but you're right! It could be because they want to be differentiated from the rest of the pack, but with so many authors doing the same thing, it's like a case of the special snowflake syndrome.

  2. Agree! They are so difficult :s

  3. Perhaps it's more the fact that they've got very mad self-esteem? That I can definitely believe from the teens these days. My sister is 16 and she can't believe any boy likes her at all. Although she doesn't turn her back on it in the sense if she likes him back, with not trusting the guy or turning on him. So perhaps a bit is true. I guess it's supposed to make more "tension" if they don't fall for each other right away? Lol.

    In more adult novels, I'm tired of the relationships being attraction-hate-love-conflict-happily ever after. Lol! I mean, I like a happy ending of course, but you always know they hate each other at first and will then fall desperately in love. It would be interesting with women there too who decided to give the guy a chance right away. ;) Haha.

    But it's definitely a good thought. I agree that it's getting kind of old!

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  4. I totally agree. It's sounds like a case of the author putting their own feelings into the story and not channeling the actual character. I don't know any teen girls, like you said, who don't want to experience love for the first time. Isn't that what YA is all about? Experiencing firsts?

    Great point.

  5. I also think that this is an easy way for the author to build up tension and a conflict? If they fall in love and get together at once and live happily ever after, it might quickly be boring, and since there are so many ya novels that's quite similar, this has become the recipe that has worked, so everyone does it... O, how I crave something new, I am actually getting a bit tired of ya pnr right now...

  6. I'm with Heska. It's an easy way to introduce conflict into the story. I'm just sick of them whining about how they don't deserve such an awesome guy (I'm looking at you, Bella Swan0, especially as he's usually acting like a tool.

  7. The ones I read, well yes they are unsure but they always seem to think it will last forever and that there is no love like this love

  8. Good point! First love people are usually not afraid of- because it is exciting and you don't see it coming. It it loving after the first heartbreak that is so tough.


  9. I'm glad you added the thought of the main character having "serious issues of trust" with families. I've been reading lots of books with an absentee father figure, if his identity is known at all. In other cases, the main character is at odds with a step-father and may be trying to win his affection or acceptance. I don't have any trouble believing a teenage character could have a range of emotions that equal an adult. We are faced with such complex emotions from a young age in the world in which we live.


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