Friday, February 3, 2012

New Hunger Games trailer + song

Have you guys seen the new trailer for The Hunger Games movie? I might possibly be late to the party but I believe this was released yesterday. I can't wait to watch the movie!!!!!

By the way have you heard the wonderful song Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars have made for the movie? Can you guess which scene it is for?

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  1. I swear I've watched this trailer over a hundred times already LOL. I saved it to my deskptop along with the first trailer. I really need to stop pressing.... *plays again* EEEEEEEE!!! AMAZING! I just love this whole freaking movie already. They have captured it all brilliantly and the acting looks superb. I know I'm going to be bawling in the cinema. Jennifer Lawrence is incredible. The 'don't let them starve' and Cinna at the end are my favourite parts <3

    And the song is so beautiful, lyrics are perfect. I think it could fit with the end of the movie, given that they're both out of the games and 'safe and sound' but I could also see it playing while they're tucked away together in the cave <3


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