Saturday, July 7, 2012

You are what you read

About a month ago I read a rather interesting article on a Dutch book blog. After doing some research I found the original article (which can be found here) and again I was amazed by what I read.

A recent study has proven that people can in fact adopt the personality traits and the behaviour of a fictional character. When you identify yourself with a literary character, there's a good chance you will be more like her. This can be in a good way, when you identify yourself with a "good" character and adopt his or her good traits. However, there are also books about serial murderers, and I don't think it's a good thing to sympathize with those kind of characters...

So yes, it really got me thinking.
I read a lot and often I can identify myself with the main characters. Even after finishing a book I keep thinking about the story, but mostly about the thoughts and actions of the characters. I try to think of their reasons for doing so and whether I would do the same thing. And well, I must admit I often find myself doing the same thing when I encounter such situations.
Katniss from the Hunger Games, Hermione from Harry Potter and Gwendolyn from Ruby Red are characters I especially identify myself with.

What about you? Do you have certain fictional characters you identify yourself with? I'd love to hear!

~ Sylke


  1. Hi! Followed you from Goodreads [The Young Adult Book Club] ^_^

  2. I love this post. So nice to know you identify with strong heroine types. I relate mostly to the less popular characters like the underdogs, those who are overlooked but contribute something (a little) to the story. Hahaha! Says a lot about me. :D

  3. My mom told me about that, too, after she realized that I was always identifying with the villains when I was younger. These days I often find myself relating to the antiheroes, and those who struggle and fail.. It's almost funny. o.รด

  4. I cannot remember the last character I identified storngly with, but in almost every novel I read there is a character/s with traits I can relate to.

    I love strong heroines, girls who stand up for themselves and don't take any crap. I like to think I'm that kind of girl :) But I do not own a bow and arrows ;)

    Great post, Sylke.

  5. Oh, I forgot to say it but I cannot believe that there is a lot of people out there adapting traits from serial-killers(or that the ones that do so already has it in them and would have done so no matter what). It says the the study suggest it, so I reckon that means that the researchers will have to delve deeper into this interesting subject :)

  6. I think I identify myself mostly with mentally strong characters, not necessarily physically strong.
    It's a very interesting thing in my opinion, how reading about a certain character can influence your behaviour so much.

    I hope the serial-killer theory turns out to be false, though I can very well believe it. Scary, hm.

    Thank you :)


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