Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bookish delights coming out in March

Are you ready to add some books to your wishlist? Perhaps you can add some books to my wishlist as well? In this post I'll be sharing the March YA releases I think sounds like they might just be made of awesome. I do not know when or if I get to all of these books, but I do know they all sound so, so very good.

I have just added some keywords at to what the novel is about and a link to Goodreads so you can discover more about these lovelies in peace and quiet.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
- a retro, contemporary love story(about first love and how much one might want it to last).

This is where I add that I am still together with the wonderful boy I fell in love with as a 14 year old girl, we have been a couple since I was 15(I'm turning 30 this summer!). I know it's not for everyone but we fell in love and never looked back. So far we're a proof that it might very well last for some.

Orleans by Sherri L. Smith 
- dystopian, bad hurricanes --> fever, survival, left to bring up someone elses baby.

This is cover eye candy for me and the story sounds like it brings a lot of adventure and suspense to the table.

Flowers in the Sky by Lynne Joseph
- a young adult contemporary about the hardness of moving far from all that is familiar and make a new life for oneself in a new place.

I love, love this cover and the symbolic meaning of it all!

Strands of Bronze and Gold (Strands of Bronze and Gold #1) by Jane Nickerson
- debut novel, historical, fairy tale retelling, rumors, suspense

 Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets by Evan Roskos 
- debut novel, male protagonist, domestic violence, emotional read with a dash of humor.

 Bruised by Sarah Skilton 
- debut novel, self perception, holdup, Tae Kwon Do, who do you think you are, and who are you really?

The Holders by Julianna Scott
- protecting those you love, hearing voices, a legend, forgivness, love

Sylke will be reading and reviewing The Holders for a blog tour this month and she will also be doing an author interview, so be sure to check back here for that.

 Trinkets by Kirsten Smith
- shoplifting, addiction, rehab, forming friendship, multiple perspectives

 Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt
- want to live the kind of teenage life your grandma did?, sounds like a truck load of fun,chick-litish, cheating bastard of a boyfriend, going over the top?

I am deeply in love with this VINTAGE cover!

 Dear Life, You Suck by Scott Blagden
- debut novel, crime, life down the drain, humor, the main character sounds kind of Holden Caulfield-ish, hope, love.

If I am to judge a book by its synopsis I would have to say that DEAR LIFE, YOU SUCK sounds amhhhhazing. If I were to pick just one of these March lovlies to read I think this would have to be it.

As I scan my list I find it odd that a girl who loves everything fitting under the fantasy genre as much as I do, have so many contemporaries on her list and so few in other genres. Maybe March just isn't THE MONTH for fantasy releases? For me it seems to be a month of books with a similar theme, and that is how much life sucks.

Which of the titles above would you love to get your hands on?
Please do tell me which March releases you're eagerly anticipating in the comments below. 

I am pretty sure there might be some holes in my wishlist.


  1. You are so very bad (or should that be good?) for my wishlist, Mari. ;)

  2. Yaaay :D

    No! What I meant to say is that I am terribly sorry if this post had undesired effects on your wishlist ;)

    1. Yes, Mari, I am terribly upset about discovering new books. ;)

      Btw, have you read Hysteria by Megan Miranda? It came out this month.

    2. Ha ha, that's what I thought ;)

      No, I haven't read it but now lo and behold it is on my wishlist! Have you read it(I am guessing yes and that it is good)?

    3. I started it last night and just couldn't put it down. I may have fallen asleep on the book....

    4. That is a sure sign of a good story. The Book Depository is just a short click away.. I should really get one March debut and perhaps Hysteria. *Trying to justify buying some more books(although I bought way to many back in January)*

    5. Would you like me to give you more book titles? *g*

    6. I bet that would make our postman a happy puppy, more work for him ;)

    7. I was asked by the mailman last summer what I needed all those books for and had I gotten them all yet?

  3. The cover for Flowers in the Sky is gorgeous! I'm in love with the book already. Plus Going Vintage sounds so adorable!

  4. I want Orleans so bad! This post creates way too much temptation!

    1. It's just payback for some of times you've made my wishlist grow(and sometimes my mailbox full), Vivienne ;) ;)

  5. So many books to look forward to. I am curious about Bruised!

    1. I know and the list is probably a lot longer :)

  6. Replies
    1. I am waving with my magic wand and soon they will appear on your nightstand ;)

  7. Ah, March is going to be such a great month! I can't wait for both Strands of Bronze and Gold and of course The Holders to be released.

    1. I cannot wait to read your thoughts on "The Holders", Sylke :D


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