Thursday, January 16, 2014

Favorite graphic novels from 2013

Happy belated new year everyone! Check out our favorite graphic novels from 2013! Please leave a comment and tell us what you think of those of the novels you might have read. Agree or disagree perhaps?

Mari's favorites

Well this have been a very good year when it comes to graphic novels on my part. I have read so much good stuff and I have a secret hope that some of you will check out one, or more, of these novels after reading this post.

Lou: Secret Diary by Julien Neel

Lou is just the sweetest, funniest and coolest girl ever. If you are or ever have been young, you'll love this series about Lou and her mother. For young girls and adults alike.

Also I am very impressed by the fact that a male author can pull off writing a believable teenage girl like Julien Neel does here with Lou.

Baby's In Black by Arne Bellstorf

Reading fiction and learning new stuff at the same time is never wrong. Baby's in Black can be read as a romance or a true story, because it is, or both. I never, it never gets old. There is just something magical and universal about their songs.

Check out my full review by clicking here.

Castle Waiting, vol. 1 by Linda Medley

My biggest blogging shame from 2013 is that I failed to review Castle Waiting. That is so sad, because every lover over fantasy and fairy tales should read this book. The story takes a bit of this and that from known stories and Medley puts her own spin on things. The story has a strong touch of feminism in an excellent way. READ THIS, please, because this is a hidden gem.

Blue is the warmest color by Julie Maroh

Blue is most certainly the warmest color from now on. The last book I read in 2013 ended up being one of my favorite reads. Love can be painful sometimes and becoming an adult can be difficult. You have to make the choices that  is true to who you are. Sailing up to be one of my favorite love stories of all times. Oh and yes this is a LGBT read. I hope it can bring more understanding to those people who judge people for loving a person of the same sex.
This novel has been adapted into a movie, and I want to see it. Bring tissues might be a good advice to those thinking about watching the movie. I cried when I read it and will surely cry some more when I watch the movie.

Siljes favorite:

Aya of Yop City by Marguerite Abouet

In the series about Aya you get to see a side a side of the African country the Ivory Coast that is warm and full of life. The story is funny and the illustrations are colorful and sets the mood of the story.

Click this link if you want to read Siljes review of the first novel(of five) in the series about Aya.

Stay tuned for more posts on our favorites from 2013. Have a great weekend when the time comes.


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