Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bookish delights in May 2015

Are you ready to check out the May releases on my wish list? Please do share your own anticipated reads in the comments. I am always scouting for great young adult novels.

In my bookish delight posts are books I feel might be worth reading. That being said I do not know when, or if I ever, get to these books. Life is full of great books, but time is too short to read them all. I will not be pestering you with long synopsis, I have just added some keywords that might inspire you to find out more about the books on your own.

May 12th:

5 to 1 by Holly Badger:

India year 2054, five boys for every girl, alternating between prose and verse, a new country is formed, nobody's wife.

May 14th:

Read me like a book by Liz Kessler:

All consuming love, feelings not for boyfriend but for English teacher Miss Murray.

May 19th:

Three day summer by Sarvenaz Tash:

Boy, unsure of future, big concert, volunteer, good girl, lovestory.

Hold me like a breath by Tiffany Schmidt:

Black market, organ transplants, no one is safe, crime families, autoimmune disorder.
What is on your May wishlist?

I was surprised to see how short my wish list was this month. There are sure to be some goodies out there that I have missed. In one way that is good, if I had no other books to read it would be a realistic assumption that I could read these three books in May. Alas my book shelf is full, as well as my Audible library and Kindle. So I'll wait and see, but I do really want to read these three.


  1. Hiii! :)
    I'm so so curious to read Hold me like a breath, I have the eARC so I'll be picking that up pretty soon! So excited! :D

    1. Hi Frannie! You lucky reader :D I will keep an eye out for your review, I hope both story and writing is as good as it sounds.Thank you so much for stopping by :)

  2. The India book yes, because that is happening

    1. I soo want that one. I am also fascinated by the idea of reading a book that alternates between one character s voice being written in verse and the other in prose.


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