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Tag: Burn, rewrite or reread?

A keeper? A book that needs to be rewritten?
A book to burn, so that you can keep you warm on a cold winter night?!

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Last summer booktubers Lauren Ann and WhittyNovels invented this fun book tag called burn, write or reread. Let the book battle begin! 

I have chose nine random YA novels from my Read shelf on Goodreads and dived them into groups of three. They all battled for the reread victory, the outcome was inevitable only three books could be left standing. 

Round one:
(Click the cover if you want to check out my original review)

Sorry Sophia Lowell! fun and cute as these reads are I can watch the show instead!


This one was easy! The main character in Lipstick Laws was taken under the wings of the popular girl, she very much wanted everyone to love her. Then she turned around and treated the sweetest guy like shit, just the way she felt the in crowd treated her. Talk about irony. I would have wanted to change that and the love interest would have to go - soooorry!


So much for easy, I have to eat my words now. Maureen Johnsen in all honesty I would have wanted this to go in the rewrite pile as well, but that spot was already taken. Reread it is then. I appreciate the authors effort to keep it historical accurate and I loved the flashbacks to the main characters eccentric family.

Round two:

Angelfall was such a surprising read, in a good way. Action filled and addictive, pure entertainment not too much substance for that this dystopia have to go. The competition in this round was just too hard.


All I really want to say is that more people need to read this excellent UKYA novel by Dave Cousins. Waiting for Gonzo was laugh out loud funny as well as addressing some serious teen issues. I heart this novel, and I feel like I need to buy a physical copy in addition to the audiobook I own. Do you by any chance know Carter from Brent Crawford's novels

Who wants to see a book trailer where the author wears a fake mustache?! I knew you would be interested, here you go mye friend. 

I will forever be curious as to what band Dave was playing in, his style in the video makes me think I would have liked the music. Rediscovering Gonzo with this tag made me aware of Dave's new MG novel, which I of course had to buy. So careful when you do this tag, it might have consequences for your TBR pile.


Sorry, sorry, sorry and sorry again Laura Buzo. I have been 15 years and in love too, just like Amelia! In Amelia's case a relationship is out of the question, in my case we are still together. The guy Amelia meets at work in the grocery store is such a sweet guy, and the story is just about their everyday life and some feelings, ya know. No, not boring at all! This was such a bittersweet read and in truth not all that far from hijacking the reread tag. If I were to rewrite this novel it would be with a guarantee that there was to be a sequel. Pretty please, Laura, I am begging you.

Round three:

Starcrossed! I was not a huge fan of Angelini's verson of The Cullen family, sorry Josephine. That being said I appreciated the Greek mythology in this novel. Lazyness came over me so I am adding the burn arguments from my review:
(...)the love story that was a bit of a let down. I couldn't feel the chemistry also I'm going to be very honest; I'm a bit tired of the "girl meets boy, boy and girl has to break up even though they are madly in love each other"- formula.


The Betryal of Maggie Blair was in truth a fine historical YA. My only complaint would be that Maggie, the main character, was too free for a woman of her time. I could not buy in to just that part of the story. The novel is set in Scotland during The Killing Time, a time period I knew nothing about before reading Elizabeth Laird's novel.


Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is a novel often challenged, narrow minded people feel that the story is unsuitable for teens. I find that incomprehensible. If you have yet to read the book you should know that in truth this is a realistic, gripping and believe it or not humorous young adult contemporary about a young girl working her way back to life after being raped.

Speak is an important read for all genders alike. You get to travel inside the head of a young girl, you experience how life can feel, how this kind of secret tears on the inside of a person and changing his or hers personality. I was never sure what ending I could expect from Speak. A fine book and it has been turned into a movie with Kirsten Stewart as the main charactere Mel.

So there you have it, three rounds of book battle, some easier than others. Thanks to Christina from A Reader of Fiction for challenging her readers. I challenge you to do the tag as well, if you like.


  1. Cool idea and yes I could think of a few ;)

    1. No problem if I could choose freely, but when I had to pick three at random it was more difficult than I thought.

      I have actually burned a novel once, that is how much I disliked it. I am not a book banner, but it felt pretty good to burn something that I felt was such a vaste of my time ;)

  2. Fun tag! I've only read Speak out of all these and I really enjoyed it, it's sad that it is challenged so often! I hear so many great things about Angelfall, I really want to try it sometime.


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