Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Steam - Rude comments

I was about to post a bookish link post but then I came across a comment over @ Books and Movies. It quite frankly got me a little mad, even though it's not a comment made to me. I'm probably a bit over agitated because it's way past bedtime LOL but I felt like sharing. CarrieK wrote a nice review on the book Wings by Aprilynne Pike towards the end she writes the following:

I devoured this book. I just started it yesterday – and I couldn’t put it down! I made my daughter gasp in horror when I told her I thought it was better than Twilight, which we both loved.

That comment obviously upset a reader, who also claims to be a librarian, so much that she felt like being very rude in the end of her reply to CarrieK:
Obviously your taste in books is very unlike the typical reader’s. Maybe you shouldn’t be writing reviews…
I think that most book bloggers will agree with me when I say that one of the things that is great about book blogging is the many different views and reviews one can see of one and the same books. I value all the different opinions, even if my personal opinion on a book isn't always the same as the one on the review that I read. I feel that it is possible to say that that you personally disagree in a way that's not rude, mean or offending.

This comment also reminded me that a little while back Rebecca over @ Lost in Books, got a rather rude comment from the author of a book she reviewed(not that the two cases are connected in anyway apart from the rudeness of the person leaving the comment):
I have been blessed with my first review by an illiterate! Thank you.
Here is her post about it: Authors overreacting to negative reviews - Disturbing trend?

So here's my bookish links for this Saturday, a real positive post.

To Rebecca:) and CarrieK: Keep up the good work, reading and reviewing!


  1. Thanks, Ladybug - all of yours and everyone else's comments have made me feel much better!

  2. Poor Carrie K, to get a comment like that. But then I would not expect anything else when it comes to Twilight books. You say a book is better and someone shoots you down.

    That author comment was just rude, just because we read we can't enjoy every book. Some we'll like and some we will not. Isn't that our right

  3. I really hate rude people like that. So I can totally relate to how upset you feel Ladybug. This upset me too!

    Working in customer service has put me face to face with people every day that just like to complain and be nasty for no apparent reason. && I work at an Aquarium so there's really no reason to come in and be boogers towards me, now is there. Go see some fish and have a nice day! Geez.

    I'm sorry to Carrie K and Rebecca. People like that are just exhausting to deal with. I admire you both for keeping up your honest opinions and reviews. Forget everyone else and continue doing what you do ladies =)

  4. Some people are way to overprotective of certain books, aren't. If Carrie thinks it is better than Twilight then that just makes me want to read it more, not want to criticise the book blogger. Carrie and Rebecca ignore these people who obviously should get off their high horses. They are your blogs and you are entitled to write what you think. I would just ignore these silly people.

  5. Those are rude comments indeed. I agree with you, Ladybug. Sometimes, when people can't be identified because they're typing away behind a computer screen, they up the sarcasm and say whatever they want without thinking of its consequences. The people who have left those comments are unprofessional on their part and when someone gives you that negative attitude, it's remembered forever. Madness... Not to mention that it is spread quickly on the internet.

    I feel bad for Carrie and Rebecca. I hope the people who have left those comments realize their mistake, and if they find it in themselves, to apologize after the steam cools off. Don't let those rude comments bring you down!

  6. That's just horrifying. Comments like that can really sting.

  7. I too worked in customer service for awhile and I was stunned by how many rude people I had to talk to on a daily basis. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that now. It's sad to see it going on in book blogging too.

  8. ouch! rudeness just stings. this is a good eye-opening post. while we are all entitled to express our opinions, when commenting we must remember to be polite.


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