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Book review: First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost

The cover on the right is the Norwegian cover and the cover to the left is the US cover. Which one do you prefer

My summary:
Some time ago Denise lost her husband in a vampire war, a war that had nothing to do with them. Now she also has to cope with the loss of her aunt and two cousins, they all believed they were being stalked and all three died of heart attack, something that seems highly unlikely (Denise herself was present when one of her cousins were being attacked by a man and when help showed up no man was there just a big dog.).

Soon Denise discovers that her family is the target of some supernatural creature and she is the next in line. Luckily she has contacts in the supernatural community, or at least she used to have contacts before she decided to pretend that world never existed. Denise's best friend, and half vampire, Cat is out of the country. Denise still manages to track down a willing helper in another vampire, the dark and sexy Spade.

My thoughts:
I haven't read anything by Jeaniene Frost before and I realize now that I should have started with the Night Huntress series but First Drop of Crimson worked fine as a stand alone novel. The audiobook was available on sale on Audible around Christmas so that was the main reason why I bought it. As I listened I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything but I'm aware there might have been spoilers from the Night Huntress series present. 

Frost has created a great vampire story and the chemistry between her characters is superb! Denise, the main character, was a great but perhaps a bit to stubborn for her own good kind of heroine. Spade was a dark and sensual hero, he always acted according to what should be in Denise's best interest but he didn't always take the time to ask what she wanted. Might not be so easy when you know your immortal but the person you have fallen for might die any moment.

First Drop of Crimson is an action filled story with vampires, addictive blood and a crazy demon. I definitely recommend it and the rest of Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress and Night Huntress world series is on my I-must-buy list! 

Book trailer:

The cover:
Not quite how I imagine the delicious Spade and I'm not too keen on half naked people on the cover. It just doesn't appeal to me.

My rating of this book:
4 stars out of 5

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First Drop of Crimson(Night Huntress World #1) by Jeaniene Frost
Published: February 2010
Pages(paperback): 371
Publisher: Avon
ISBN: 0061583227 (ISBN13: 9780061583223)
Full disclosure: 
Purchased from Audible.

This is an adult book by the way :)

This book can be purchased from a number of local retailers and on-line book stores such as Amazon or The Book Depository (I'm not an affiliate of either). The latter store does by the way have free shipping to about 100 countries.  


  1. Nice review! I have heard a lot of great stuff about this author's work, but haven't had the chance to try it yet!
    Prefer the Norwegian cover btw, not to keen on half-naked covers either.

  2. The Norwegian cover looks so...90s, and a bit teen too. Guess I will go with half nekkid guy, lol

  3. I am not certain that I like either cover really. The US cover is too "I am hot and sexy" all over it with shirt open and all that, but
    the Norwegian cover is too plain.

    I have read the Night Huntress books, and loved them. I hesitated over this book for fear I would not like the spin off story. After reading your review, I think I should give the book a try.


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