Monday, March 22, 2010

Book review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I clasp the flask between my hands even though the warmth from the tea has long since leached into the frozen air. My muscles are clenched tight against the cold. If a pack of wild dogs were to appear at this moment, the odds of scaling a tree before they attacked are not in my favor.
If you haven't been living under a rock the last year or so I bet you have at least heard of Suzanne Collins Hunger Games trilogy(most probably you've read the first two books). If you are one of the few that still haven't read The Hunger Games then you should consider giving it a try, even if you might think this book isn't for you do try it! Feel free to read my Hunger Games review.

***Spoiler alert***

Short about this book?
Katniss and Peeta are back in District 12. There are signs that the people in Panems districts are feed up with The Capitol. But don't you worry, the Capitol knows just the perfect punishment for those trying to create an uproar. What better way to frighten the people into obedience than the celebration of the 75th Hunger Games?

The one thing Katniss never in a million years would have thought possible happens and she is faced with some extremely difficult dilemmas.

My thoughts on Catching Fire:I was surprised when I found out what Suzanne Collins had in store next for Katniss and Peeta! I never saw it coming, and I weren't the only one.

Catching Fire is an entertaining read but in my opinion not as good as The Hunger Games. Collins introducedes the reades to a couple of new, really great characters. Almost throughout the entire book you wonder if the characters are friends or foes, can they be trusted? I'm guessing at least one of them will have a major part in Mockingjay! I will have to pre-order a copy, of that I'm sure. What will happen to the citizens of Panem?!

My rating of this book:
4 stars out of 5 stars. 

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Pages(hardcover): 400
Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN: 978-0439023498
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