Thursday, March 18, 2010

I wish to present you to my dear old friend, Muzzy!

My first encounter with the English language

I just wanted to share one of my earliest encounters with the English language with you, my dear readers. I couldn't have been anymore than three or four years at that time it was first aired here in Norway. Some of you are perhaps familiar with this series? It is called Muzzy in Gondoland, produced by BBC in 1986 and meant as a tool for learning English as a second language. Obviously I didn't watch this series at that time because I had set my mind on learning a second language. I watched it simply because it was a cartoon.

Who could forget this clock eating monster? Or the gardener that fell in love with the princess? Take note of the way the man on the bicycle taught showed to use the proper English greeting.

You know how little children sometimes get hang up on a certain word or phrase? Well my parents told me that at that time I was often heard running around saying "Muzzy in Gondoland. Muzzy in Gondolaaaaaand".

In school we learned English from we were about eight years old I think. Kids these days start learning English in first class, when they are six years old.

It is nice to be able to make oneself understood in a language that gives you the ability to communicate with millions of people. The only downside I see is that here in Norway(probably else where as well) we substitute some of the words in our language with a English one. It kind of worries me, the language is a part of our heritage, our culture and I think each time this happens we loose a piece of our identity.