Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not the first one and probably not the last either - plagiarism

So I wanted to give my two sents about plagiarism as well(see links to more articulate posts on the subject at the end of this post) after Adele over at Persnickety Snark wrote about her book review being plagiarized by another book blogger. I was so angry on her behalf while I read her post on the matter and sadly there are many out there who has experienced the same. Plagiarism is like stealing someones voice, part of their identity.

As a fairly new book blogger and one working hard trying to find my own voice, I could of course have tried to plagiarize other fabulous reviewers but honest people just don't do things like that! It's stealing! Book blogging takes a lot of time spent reading and writing, and taking someones word from them is not only a crime but a great offense and shows lack of respect for other people.

I struggle hard to be a better book reviewer as I'm guessing most of my fellow book bloggers does as well. I strongly doubt that anyone will find my reviews worth plagiarizing(as it probably shines through my ramblings that English is my second language) but knowing the amount of time and effort being spent book blogging I can only begin to imagine what it must feel like to see ones own review on another blog.

It's not a contest about being the one getting the largest pile of ARC's. If the plagiarist has gotten a review copy from the publisher that means the publisher wanted your honest opinion about the novel, not one that is already out there. They have spent money shipping the book your way so don't waste their time and money.

The moral is don't steal the work of others, whether from a book blogger or any one else, it definitely doesn't make you more popular. The community doesn't work that way and someone will notice your crime, maybe not today but someone will notice. And you know what? It will most definitely not make you a better book reviewer!

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