Monday, June 7, 2010

Native American Folk Tales in graphic form

Since I was in the mood for something new yesterday I asked my readers for recommendations for graphic novels and I got a little bunch of suggestions. Thank you very much :) A bit after I posted yesterday I was just searching around at random on Twitter and I discovered this: Native American Folk Tales Take A Graphic Turn. Check out the video in the link and listen to an excerpt of the Native American Tales: A Graphic Collection(Goodreads). The collection is edited by Matt Dembicki and published by Fulcrum Publishing(a new to me publisher). It looks like a brilliant collection. I've always be fascinated by Norwegian folk tales and would love to discover the tales of other cultures.

I remember my grandfather read to us from two large story books, both were collection of Norwegian folk tales collected by Norwegian authors Asbjørnsen and Moe. If you like folk tales I found a website where you can read some of the Norwegian ones if you like. It thought that was kind of neat so I wanted to share my findings.

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