Monday, September 20, 2010

Book review: Glass Houses(Morganville vampires #1) by Rachel Caine

A summery of sorts:
Claire Denvers is a freshman, living on her own for the first time, she is very intelligent and she is younger than all the rest of the freshman's at school. Even though Claire is smart she has a problem she doesn't know how to fix, the schools toughest group of girls, Monica and the Monickettes, have Claire on their hate-list. Monica and the Monickettes are not your average bullies, they are really, really mean(not that bullies are nice at all but these girls are dangerous) like if you value your life you stay far away from them. For Claire the only choice seems to be to move out of the dorm and rent a place or to move back home,

Claire is no quitter so she doesn't want to go running home to her parents. Luck has it that Claire finds a place but the house owner says she is too young to rent there, still she gets to stay until she finds something else. So Claire finds herself living with two very handsome and mysterious guys, Shane and Michael, and a nice goth girl named Eve. Eve tells Claire about mysterious things that happens in the city and she mentions vampires. Claire wonders if Eve is a bit weird, vampires doesn't exist do they? And why does Michael sleep all day and stay up all night?

My thoughts:
Claire is a fairly strong character, she is both stubborn and smart, but sometimes I felt like she did things she ought to have been smart enough not to have done. Settling down in that dark and ominous city one must be quite a though one to do so.

I loved Claire's new her roomies Shane, Michael and Eve and I felt that Rachel Caine did a good job letting letting the reader getting to know them without being peppered with information, sometimes that happen in the first book of a series. Understandably many authors spend much time establishing their characters and world building in the first book but sometimes that interferes a bit with the pace of the book, for Glass Houses that is not the case.

The ending left me wanting more so I need to get a hold of the second installment of this series. When I closed the book I was so mad at myself for not having bought the second book along with the first.

My rating of this book:
4 stars out of 5 - go read it.

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