Monday, September 27, 2010

Book review: Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus

First of all I'm so sorry for being late with this review. I read it as a part of the International Book Tour, it was right before my exam so it was all a bit too much at the time so I actually forgot all about writing the review(but better late then never, right?).

I'm not writing my own synopsis for Shadow Hills, instead I leave you to watch the wonderful trailer made by VLC Productions(book blogger Vania from Reverie Book Reviews):

My thoughts:
Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me, why can't I love the books that everyone else seems to love? I expected to fall head over heels for Shadow Hills but somehow I just couldn't and ended up with mixed feelings. That probably makes it sound like I disliked this book, well I didn't.

Author Hopcus has created a good and creepy boarding school setting with a mysterious old graveyard nearby. The main character Phe has a special
(original idea from the author I must say) reason for starting school in Shadow Hills; she is looking for answers for her sisters mysterious death. Phe has taken her most precious things with her and that's her sister's diary and bracelet, the reader soon understands that there is something odd about both items.

Ingredients that makes Shadow Hills a good read : Mutated and secretive inhabitants in the town of Shadow Hills, hot guy, hot creepy guy, sneaking out at night to parties in the dark of the woods, sounds at night, nightmares and scary dreams. I liked it and I won't hesitate to read the sequel if I have opportunity .

The cover:
I think it is alright but I wouldn't pick up the book based on the cover alone.

My rating:
3.9 stars out of 5 - well worth reading.

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Full disclosure:
ARC received from author via International Book Blog Tours for honest review. Book was passed along to the next reviewer on the list.