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Book review: Butterflies in May by Karen Hart

My summary:
Ali Parker is 17; she is a responsible high school student and the editor of the schools newspaper. This year she got a boyfriend, Matt, who is just wonderful, almost the perfect boyfriend. Ali and Matt are planning their future, they both want to go to college; he wants to study art and she wants to study journalism. Their biggest problem is which colleges to apply to.

One day Ali finds out that she is pregnant, a discovery that will change hers and Matt’s life forever no matter what she chooses.  Ali is set on abortion and to carry on with her life as normal after the procedure. Is it really that easy? Ali has other options but she doesn't feel like even considering them.

My thoughts:
Butterflies in May were an excellent novel about becoming pregnant as a teenager. Even though this is fiction it is very informative, in a non boring way, and will give young adults a lot to think about. I would recommend this novel to be read by both genders, as I think this is a story all could benefit from reading. I also think this novel would be a nice read for parents. No one would like their seventeen year old to become a parent but if one is faced with the situation then it is important to try and look at the situation from ones daughter or sons point of view. Don’t forget that this is really hard on your kid and be supportive; trying to take the decision for your child is only going to push them away.

The characters in this novel felt so real and down to earth that it wasn’t hard to relate to their reactions. The author has managed something great her, even the smallest of the characters gives this novel extra depth and the story wouldn’t be the same if one removed any of them from the story. Some of the characters let me down, hard, but that’s because the author did such a great job creating them.

The main character, Ali, had such a difficult road to walk. Her decisions weren’t perfect but she tried to make the best out of her situation. It did lead her into some extra trouble along the way but she stood up for what she believed was right and didn’t let anyone force her into something she didn’t want to. Ali had wonderful support from her best friend, Monica, who I thought was a wonderful character and some of her family members as well.

Author Karen Hart doesn’t sugarcoat teenage pregnancy but neither does she paint it all black, the writing is realistic and it will go straight to your heart. The author doesn’t tell anyone what to do, she simply writes about the options regardless of people’s political point of view or religion.

The cover:
Looks like something from the 90’s and it feels out of date, it could really use a cover remake. Many of us judge a book by its cover, even if we know it’s not right to do so, and this is a wonderful and heartbreaking read that deserves to find lot’s of new readers regardless of the cover.

My rating of this book:
4 stars out of 5

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Butterflies in May by Karen Hart
Published:  2006
Pages(hardcover):  210
Publisher: Bankcroft Press
: 1890862444 (ISBN13: 9781890862442)
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ARC received from Bankcroft Press via NetGalley. 

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  1. Here from BookBlogs!!
    Sounds like a really good book!! A lot of teen-pregnancy books drift of to the cliche, but I hope this one doesn't! I'm gonna add it to my Goodreads list!
    Juli @
    Universe in Words

  2. Yeah, I would see the cover and think 90s and something that is not that good other. Such a shame

  3. Reminds me of Juno (the theme) and you are right about that cover, really 90s.

    I will look for this one here.

  4. I don´t like the cover :( and it like a good book

  5. Jeg skriver på norsk håper det er greit:) Det var en fin omtale, fikk veldig lyst til å lese den boka:) Tusen takk for bok tips:)


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