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Book review: Bite Me(Demon Underground #1) by Parker Blue

My summary:
Val Shapiro's father couldn't accept who he was, he killed himself when Val was just five. Now at eighteen Val is struggling with the succubus part of her, Lola. Val has been killing vampires for some time now as it seems to keep Lola satisfied, but suppressing the demon half  and giving her substitutes for what she really needs can be extremely dangerous.

Jennifer, Val's younger 
half sister, adores Val and want's to be just like her. The girls' mother thinks one vampire slayer to worry about is more than enough and she kicks Val out of the house, to protect Jennifer. Val is deeply hurt and feels abandoned but she is determined to find a place to live and a job. Val is a lonely girl and haven't got anyone to turn to. Luckily she mets a friend on her first night alone, it's terrier which Val decides to name Fang. Fang is part hellhound.

Val gets the perfect job as a detective on the special unit in the San Antonio police force. She is partnered up with a guy named Dan and together they must investigate what's going on in the local vampire community.

My thoughts:
Bite Me was a quick and witty read. It was a delight to cruise through it, a nice change after having read several novels that was over 400 pages long.

Val is a girl who knows how to kick some serious vampire ass, she sure knows her martial arts. You might think that Val sounds like another Buffy, but apart from being slayers there isn't much other similarities between those two. Though Val is though she's also a lonely character, she's been home schooled and hasn't got a friend in the world. Luckily things changes for the better once Val drives away on her motorcycle, by the beach she meets a cute little terrier. Fang is far from the ordinary dog, he's part hellhound. Fang is the greatest sidekick, he's so much fun, I love his little snarky, sarcastic remarks that only Val can hear.

If you want some fast paced fun I recommend that you check out Bite Me.

Book trailer:

The cover:
The more I look at it the more I like it.

My rating of this book:
4 stars out of 5

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Bite Me(Demon Underground #1) by Parker Blue
Published: 2008
Pages(paperback): 229
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
ISBN: 0980245389 (ISBN13: 9780980245387)
Full disclosure: 
Review copy from publisher via Netgalley 

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  1. I could do with some quick reads.

    I love the author's name.

  2. Nice review :) Sounds like a good book

  3. I love that Val sounds like a kick-butt heroine!

  4. I ordered this awhile ago for my Kindle and never read it! Somehow I forgot it was on there. Definitely going to check it out now. Great review;)

  5. I've got this one from netgalley too, glad to hear that you liked it! I'm putting it up on my tbr list now :)


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