Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Introducing Mari

So I guess I never really told you guys anything about myself at all. I've decided that it's about time to do something about that(about time after blogging for two whole years). I mean isn't it nice to know something about the person behind the blog you're reading?

This is me at a costume party back in winter 2010 I think it was.

Hi y'all so this is me, Mari. I started this blog back in 2009 because I wanted to share my passion for reading with someone. In May 2011 I decided that I needed a blog partner.

I'm a born and breed Norwegian with 1/16 part Swedish and 1/16 Czechish blood thrown in the mixture(yeah I want to feel a little more international so I had to include some distant ancestors). I live on the countryside with my little family and I absolutely love it.

I'm 32 years old, but sometimes I still feel like I'm somewhere around 18- 15, I guess that's why I'm able to love YA as much as I do. I'm not married but I've been together with my significant other since the day before I turned fifteen. Together we have two wonderful children, objectively speaking that is ;).

Some favorites of mine:

Favorite books(oh, it's so hard to choose!):
On Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta
To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Blue Is the Warmest Colour by Julie Maroh(a heart breaking graphip novel, originally written in French, but translated into English)
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion(I adore the language in this one)

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Knife( Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter) by R.J. Anderson(a cute middle grade read, perfect for the screen in my opinion)

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer

The Newsroom(come back, please)
Green Wing(this is just hilarious - a British parody on series like the E.R. and Grey's Anatomy)
Firefly(I want more of this one as well)

I also enjoy watching movies, documentaries and sports(like cross-country, soccer, handball) on TV.

Interests besides reading:
Spending time with my children, genealogy, playing soccer with my 'old' girls, learning and keeping an eye on things that happen in our world.

So that's a little something about me. Anything else you would like to know just ask.


  1. Lovely to meet you. I turn 29 this year so we are pretty close in age! ;)True Blood is a big favourite of mine as well!

  2. Hi Mari! Nice to finally 'meet' you =)

    Glee is my secret pleasure (I watch it while ironing) lol

  3. All your favourite movies are mine too and I love True Blood. Lovely pic of you and PS you're never too old to adore YA fiction! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. @Nicki J Markus: Thanks, Nicki :D

    @pattepoilue: It was about time, wasn't it :) Glee sounds like an excellent choice for ironing.

    @Teddyree:Thank you, Teddyree :) I agree one can never be too old for YA, but I do know a fair share of people who I'm pretty sure would disagree with me on that one. That being said I'm willing to bet that they haven't read YA since they were perhaps thirteen.

  5. SO nice to meet you! True Blood is one of my favorites as is Glee and Braveheart. We have some of the same "favorite books" as well. To Kill a Mockingbird- absolute favorite! :) I named my dog after Scout.

  6. It's lovely to finally meet you! I love Jellicoe Road and the Hunger Games and can't wait to read Warm Bodies. Hope you are enjoying your baby girl. Mine just turned four months. :)

  7. Nice to know ya Mari.

    Visste inte att vi var födda samma år :)

  8. How fun to "meet" you! I love so many of those same books (and the music from Glee). That's cool you like genealogy. I've tried to learn more about my great-grandparents, but most of them were born in countries that speak languages I don't, so that makes it harder. :)

  9. So nice to finally meet you. It is lovely to get to know you better.

  10. Nice to get to know you better! Looks like you had a blast at the costume party! That headband is so cool!:)
    Wow, 13th anniversary and you're only 28 - that is fantastic!

  11. That was so much fun to read. I LOVE Braveheart and Hunger Games. I've heard that Glee is awesome.

    I love that pic ;)

    I'm following.

  12. @Christina / Book Addict:Thank you, Christina :) I must say that you have excellent taste ;)

    @Elsie Love:Thanks, Elsie :D

    @Blodeuedd: Thanks! 83 var et bra år ;)

    @Holly:Thanks, Holly. We're enjoying life at the moment, I can't believe how fast our little girls grow(even though her big brother grew just as fast).

    @kathy:The Glee music is great! How exiting, where were they from?

    @Vivienne:Thanks, Vivienne :)

    @YA Vampire Books:I had, it was such a fun evening. Yes, it is, I must have meet my perfect match :D

  13. @Elisabeth Hirsch:Thank you so much, ELisabeth, and thanks for following us :)

    You really should check out Glee, it's a great series.

  14. Nice to meet you Ladybug. Gleeks unite!


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