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Book review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Jacinda is a draki, a descendant from the dragons. She struggles to follow the rules of her draki clan, she loves (and longs) to have her freedom. One day Jacinda does something that puts the entire clan at risk and hunters show up in their territory. Jacinda is being hunted, a hunter, Will, tracks her don but he never reveals Jacinda's hideout to the other hunters.

That night Jacinda, her twin Tamra and their mother leaves the village. The hunters are no longer the only threat to Jacinda. The little family moves out into the desert where Jacinda's draki will slowly fade away... Will is the only one that can keep her draki alive, but he is also the one person she should avoid.
My thoughts:
Firelight was such an entertaining read, in fact one of my favorites so far this year. Sophie Jordan has written a romance after my heart :) Ok, so the boy-and-girl-can't-have-each-other-because-they-are-enemies story have been used a couple(understatement much?) of times before but Sophie Jordan writes in a way that sucks you in and melts your heart.

Jacinda had interesting and original powers, it was refreshing. Her character reacted in a way that made me believe in her and that is so important to me. I need to believe in the characters in a story and luckily that was no problem for me in Firelight.

One minor negative issue for me was the repeating of the fact that Jacinda and Will shouldn't/couldn't be togehter. Mention it one or two times that is ok, but a whole lot more times is just annoying. Still that didn't ruin the story for me, it was just a minor flaw.

Book trailer:

Normally I'm not very fond of faces on covers, I like to use my imagination but in this case it is just perfect.

My rating of this book:
- Great! Can't wait to read the next installment in this series(and now I am, reading it that is).

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Firelight by Sophie Jordan
Published: 2010
Pages(hardcover): 323
Publisher: HarperTeen
ISBN: 0061935085 (ISBN13: 9780061935084)
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  1. I will try this one day, who knows? ;) But I have ideas of how it will go

  2. Blodeuedd: Ha ha, am I allowed to guess? ;)

  3. I've seen this one around with mixed reviews! Sounds like I should give it a try, though, especially if a cliched idea has been used successfully! That's always impressive.


  4. I am excited about reading this book soon! Great review. I love your blog! New follower!

    Tia @ Falling For Books

  5. I love this book! It is amazing! Love your review and your blog!

  6. xalwaysdreamx:I really liked it but now I'm about 80 % done with the next installment and I'm a bit unsure how I feel about that one.

    Tia:Thank you :D

    Books For You:Thank you for your kind words and for following :)


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