Sunday, August 14, 2011

Music: Pop from Scandinavia - What do you think?

I know, this is a book blog.. but I wanted to share some favorites of mine from this corner of the world. A lot of the music on our hit lists is from USA or the UK but we do have lot of great Scandinavian artists as well. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.






  1. I do like Jag kommer, and it is a very naughty song too ;)

  2. Haha...I don't like any of them;) My fave from my home country Norway is Dimmu Borgir:)
    Fave band from Sweden: Therion
    Fave band from Denmark: Nortt
    And from Finland: Nightwish (when Tarja Turunen was vocalist, I hate their new one, Anette Olson er something. Can't stand her voice:)
    Well I can't think of more bands from Scandinavia that I like:)

  3. Blodeuedd:Yes, I haven't been sure if it was just my interpretation of the song LOL. In the music video it can seem more like she cannot decide whether to go out and meet her potential new boyfriend or not.

    Book Reviews From The Basement: Aha, but that's not pop, now is it? ;) Heavy metal or black metal?

    I love Nightwish's version of Over The Hills And Far Way, I also like Wishmaster. Wishmaster would be perfect on soundtrack for some great fantasy novel :)

  4. I saw that, the music video did have me wondering but then again they could not really show the second meaning ;) So I think it's meant to be thought of in two ways...and yes I do take to the dirty one

  5. I like the sweden's video and song :)

  6. Any of you Scandinavians listening to Danish Suspekt? My fave :-)

  7. Louise: No, I've never heard of them before. What's your favorite song(s)? I'm going to check them out on YouTube.

  8. Black Metal :) Listened to a lot of pop before.
    Yeah, Wishmaster is a great song! And the song from he same band, Ghost Love Score would also be awesome as soundtrack for many fantasy novels. Amazing song! Sometimes when I read a fantasy novel and listen to music, I sometimes think that this and that song would be perfect for this book when I read. It's weird but a fun thought:)

    And the videos on your post above is definitely better than Justin Bieber:) Poor USA who has Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus etc when it comes to pop.

  9. My favorite was Norway :) I was not allowed to watch Sweden :( who knew. thank you for sharing today.

  10. Hehe, that's different! It's like me trying to listen to french music all over again and not understanding a word. These are so cool, thanks so much for sharing!

  11. InaI actually think they can be ok in small doses at a time ;)

    Denise Z:Yaay :) Too bad you weren't allowed to watch the Swedish music video.

    Audrey (holes In My brain): Ha ha, I know the feeling, we've had some French hits here actually.

  12. Youtube isn't coworking with me, so I can't listen to the songs :(
    I've heard Natteravn (big favorite last summer) and Jag Kommer though (not a Maggio fan)
    And I liked Stella's eurovision song! Will definitely listen to her new song as soon as youtube works!


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