Friday, September 9, 2011

Featured Follower Friday: Brodie shares her favorite Aussie YA novels.

Today I'm pleased to announce that Brodie from the book blog Eleusinian Mysteries, has kindly agreed to share her Australian YA favorites with us today. Have you seen a more magical header than Brodies' by the way?

Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres: The cover alone is a kind of otherworldly gorgeous. And let me tell you, the story definitely lives up to it's wrapping. Retra runs away from her reclusive "Seal" community to find her brother who left for the thrilling, hedonistic world of Ixion, where rules are few and all within the island are encouraged to give into their desires. Marianne takes you on such a darkly intoxicating ride you can't possibly pull away from. Ixion is so imaginative and the secrets of the Ripers, guardians of Ixion, are so creepy and fascinating. Burn Bright sets itself apart from YA novels by offering something fresh and so utterly addictive!

Blood Song by Rhiannon Hart: Oh how I adored this book. Rhiannon Hart is definitely one debut author we should all keep our eyes on. You'll be swept away in her thoroughly captivating world and the creepy Lharmellins are so unlike any other blood-craving creature I've read about. I had trouble pulling away from the novel as whole, but the climax was just spectacular. The story offers a delightfully spunky heroine, deliciously infuriating love interest and a shared witty banter that will force you to reread every scene between the pair. Blood Song is an amazing start to the series and a definite MUST READ for all.

Good Oil by Laura Buzo: Haven't we all had an unrequited love? That unattainable guy who filled your daydream? Amelia and Chris were such fantastic, real, flawed characters and you can really see that potential spark between the pair. There is chemistry. But he's 21, she's just 15 and the age difference is an issue. It's told in large portions split between the two characters and Chris' narration in particular is so engrossing. It's a bittersweet, emotionally compelling novel that I recommend to all. Contemporary lovers, especially, will absolutely devour this!

Stolen by Lucy Christopher: This is written by a UK author, but set in a harsh and remote Australian desert. Stolen is such an emotionally confusing read. Along with Gemma, the reader begins to form an emotional attachment to the young man who kidnapped her, Tyler. Never before have I sympathised so much with someone who should be considered the villain. And the arid, scarily desolate atmosphere is just the perfect backdrop, you can literally feel the searing sun beating down on you. It's is a powerful, thought provoking novel that will twist your emotions into one great tangled mess.

Silvermay by James Maloney: This was my first novel by James Maloney and it definitely won't be my last! He hooks you in with a shockingly powerful prologue and demands your attention until the very last page. It's a stunning tale of love, loyalty, magic, power and courage with enough twists and danger to maintain suspense and intrigue throughout. I loved learning about the unique Wyrdborn and the relationships that formed between the main trio - our 16 year old protagonist Silvermay, the enigmatic and handsome Tamlyn and Nerigold, weak yet fueled by an incredibly powerful love for her baby son, Lucien, whose secrets lay at the heart of this stunning tale.

Thank you so much to Mari for allowing me to share some of my favourite Aussie reads with you all! I hope I've managed to put a few new titles on you wishlist :)

The pleasure was all mine, Brodie. I'm pleased to find Silvermay and Blood Song on your list because I've already ordered(well, pre-ordered Blood Song) both of them :D

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  1. Australian YA authors definitely seem to be on the rise. I am impressed by the choices although Silver May is calling out to me.

  2. Thank you so much for having me here today, Mari! I had a great time sharing my favourite some of my fave Aussies - there's definitely some amazing talent coming out of our country. Must be something in the water :)

  3. I'm really intrigued with Stolen! But I hadn't seen a copy in ages. I wonder why? Burn Bright is one of my favorites too and I agree with everything you said! :) I'm currently waiting for Blood Song. I'm inlove with Aussie contemporaries. They're always well-written!

  4. I saw Blood song on Goodreads and it looks so good. So I want that one :)

  5. Aussie authors are awesome, I'd have to say that being an Aussie lol. Stolen is brilliant and I have Bloodsong and Burn Bright on my bookshelf. Haven't heard of Silvermay so thanks for highlighting that one Brodie :)

  6. Både Stolen och Burn Brigh är jag lite nyfiken på =)


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