Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book review: Angelfall((Penryn & the End of Days #1)) by Susan Ee

Angelfallen by Susan Ee is a surprisingly dark and exiting new addition to the dystopian YAlit genre. Did I mention that this book features some HOT angels? No, well it certainly does ;)

In a broken city Penryn is desperately trying to bring her little family to safety. By accident the little group finds themselves nearby a small gathering of angels. The angels are all attacking a lone angel. The situation is out of Penryn's control and an angel kidnaps her younger sister, Paige. The group of angels disperses and leaves the broken angel behind.

Now a beaten and disabled angel, Raffe is Penryn’s only hope. Will she ever find her little sister again, alive....?

My thoughts:
I have to admit that the first thing that caught my eye when I discovered Angelfallen was the gorgeous cover. I decided that this was a book I had to find out more about, one brilliant review later and a click on Amazon and I was the lucky owner of the e-book(also available in paperback) edition of Angelfallen.

I didn't have all that high expectations when starting out so I was pleasantly surprise by the story. The angels have taken over earth and humans live in fear, in hiding. Human gangs roams the streets during daylight but at night everything is quiet, something, even worse than the angels, cruel and predatory stalks the streets at night.

Penryn, the main character, plays the part as the head of the family; taking care of a disabled sister and a mother with a mental illness. She reminded me quite a lot of Katniss from The Hunger Games, taking care of the family and having such a strong bond to her little sister. Angelfallen has several interesting characters and since this is the first book in a series I'm hoping to get to know them all even better in the future. Raffe, "the fallen one", was one of those characters there were so many small hints as to his past and I can hardly wait to find out more about his past in the aerie.

The drama was built up nicely, I wanted to keep turning pages and towards the end the story I was completely taken by surprise. Let me tell you it is equally parts scary and repulsive and still you have to keep on reading. I will most definitely pick up the next book.

Recommended for the mature YA reader.

I believe graceful would be the correct adjective since we're dealing with angels! Love the wings on the cover, it plays such an important part in the story!

My rating of this book:

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  1. I LITERALLY just finished this book! Haha, great review! I think not having any expectations about a novel makes a book more enjoyable because I was surprisingly shocked.

    Need that second book NOW though! :)

  2. I keep hearing that this one is good, but is it only out on ebook? Pooh on that :/

  3. No, it's not only an e-book, it's available on paperback as well :) I just like my e-books, love to get a book the instant a crave it(but I do love some chunky mail as well :D).

  4. I love that cover! I do love an angel book too. Definitely one to think about reading.

  5. Man, I NEEED this book in my life! I've been seeing a lot of buzz for it lately. You just had to add one more amazing review to the pile, didn't you? :P It sounds amazing! And the fact that you compare Penryn to Katniss is even more intriguing. I have GOT to get myself a copy soon. Fantastic review, Mari!

  6. I loved this book. But the ending was annoying because now I'm just dying to know what happens next.

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