Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Favorite Fictional Boyfriends from 2011

Welcome to a week where Nina and I share some of our favorites from the reading year we just left behind. We're starting out with our Favorite Fictional Boyfriends from 2011. We would love it if you shared your favorites in the comment section below or told us what you think of our choices.

Mari's Favorite Fictional Boyfriends from 2011:
I have such a hard time deciding a favorite boyfriend(fictional mind you!) from 2011. I have three favorites and I don't want to choose cause' I love em' all equally.

First out there is Jake:
For those of you not familiar with Jake he is the love interest in Blood Red Road by Moira Young. You haven't read the book? Well shame on you, now you should totally go and read my review of Blood Red Road and be convinced that you should grab yourself a copy. Yes, yes I was going to tell you all about Jake, I'm sorry I just tend to get a little sidetracked sometimes.

Jake is just such a no-nonsense down to earth kind of guy, just how I like it.  I can think of several nice adjectives to describe him : sensible, kind, patience and fair. Now who wouldn't want a guy like that in his life? A bonus: Your mom will love this polite guy as well, nothing to worry about when you bring him home for dinner for the first time.

Then there is Jules Marchenoir from
Die For Me by Amy Plum
(yet again a book you should read if you haven't - read My Die For Me Review here):
A Jules, how I love thee! Your charming banter makes my pulse higher and make me go weak in the knees. Funny how a kind of dead guy can evoke these kind of reactions in a girl huh?! ;)

Last but not least we have Tucker Avery from
Unearthly by Cynthia Hand(read my review here):
Tucker is just a wonderful, friendly, bantering boy next-door kind of a guy. I think I fell for him alongside with Clara the main character in the story.

Nina's Favorite Fictional Boyfriends from 2011:

Jericho Barrons from the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning
Grrrrr. Seriously, hottest guy (or whatever he is) ever. Barrons is the very definition of an alpha male, and there's just something so raw about him that I can't help loving him even despite all his flaws.

Cam Caballero from Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent
Mmmm, muscles. If even a kick-ass heroine like Liv has trouble forming complete sentences when Cam walks around without a shirt on, I'm pretty sure I'd be even less coherent. He doesn't always think things through before acting, but you can always count on him to have your back in a fight.

Click here to read Nina's Review of Blood Bound.

Sam Henry from Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally
What puts Henry apart from the other guys on this list is that he feels real. He's exactly the kind of guy I would have loved to know in high school, and well, he's adorable. Too bad guys like him always ends up in the friend zone.

Click here to read Nina's review of Catching Jordan.


  1. MIne has to be Alex from Hunting Lila!

  2. Sounds like some good choices :)

    I only read Die for me, and absolutly fell in love with Jules as well :P

    Looking forward to fall in love several times :P Since I am planning to read several of the books you guys mentioned :)

  3. I have so many, I'm doing a daily Book Boyfriend on Twitter, and I have yet to meet Jake!

  4. Vivienne: Oh, I have to read that novel then, I haven't had the pleasure yet of making his acquaintance. Thanks for sharing yours :)

    MoonStar: He is great :D I hope you like them all but don't steal mine I'm not good at sharing ;)

    Jennifer: daily Book Boyfriend? I have to check it out!

  5. Great book boyfriends :D I sure picked up a few this year too ;)

  6. Mari, you made me want to go out and read all three of those books!

  7. Aghhh I NEED to hurry up and read Blood Red Road! Every time I look at my bookshelf, it gives me those puppy dog eyes and it's only the wrath of my crazy TBR that stops me from diving in :P Jake sounds so sweet <3 Oh gosh and I ADORE Jules (Vincent too!) and Tucker!! <3

    I haven't read any of Mari's choices, but damn, I want to read Catching Jordan SO BAD! It sounds like such a brilliant contemporary <3 And while I don't often read adult novels, um... these yummy guys you mention have me wanting to dive into the genre asap :D

  8. Mine would have to be Bridger from Shifting or Archer from Hex Hall.

    New visitor and follower!


  9. I'm only familiar with Jake and Tucker but loved them both so I'm sure all these guys are awesome!

  10. Kelly: I hope you get the chance to read them all :)

    Blodeuedd: None of mine I hope?(spoken in the way of a true alpha) ;)

    Brodie: You should read it! I've nominated my wonderful Jake as one of my favorite bf. So hurry up and get to know him ;)

    Llehn: Exactly :D

    Fall Into Books: I don't know Bridger but it sounds like he's worth getting to know. Archer is great! Thanks for following :D

    Alyssa: So.. we can swap on having Jake and Tucker every other week? ;)

  11. I totally agree about Jake. I think I have a thing with this name because I'm Team Jacob :)

  12. I'm male, so I'll pick Lisbeth Salander (in honour of the new movie). I feel protective towards damaged women plus I'm a sucker for punishment, so Lisbeth is perfect for me!

    Mac Campbell
    Damn Fine Horror


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