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Book review: Crossed by Ally Condie

Crossed by Ally Condie is a sequel to the book Matched and part of the Matched-trilogy. I've really been looking forward to this book since I liked Matched so much. I have to say I'm a little bit dissapointed. If you haven't read Matched you should stop here, because this review contains spoilers from the first book, and rather read Nina's review of it here or my review here (in norwegian.)
Crossed (Matched, #2)Chasing down an uncertain future, Cassia makes her way to the Outer Provinces in pursuit of Ky--taken by the Society to his sure death--only to find that he has escaped into the majestic, but treacherous, canyons. On this wild frontier are glimmers of a different life and the enthralling promise of a rebellion. But even as Cassia sacrifices every thing to reunite with Ky, ingenious surprises from Xander may change the game once again. (Photo and summary from Goodreads)
My thoughts: 
To tell you the truth this book bored me one time to many. There's a lot of talk and no play (isn't that how it's said?:-)). Even though Ally Condie's writing still is beautiful and low-key I wanted this book to be more filled with action than it is. The first book isn't excactly action-packed either but it presents the characters and the Society where it all takes place to us in a very satisfying way in my opinion. The ending of Matched built up some expectations of a more exciting second book and what we get is even more background history of the characters, the Society and the rebellion on the outside. I don't think there's anything wrong with that but it doesn't match (haha) my expectations. We get to know Ky a lot better and what's going on outside the Society and it's "safe" boundaries. I want to know more but I wish we got to "see" it with our own eyes instead of beeing told the story through someone else like Ky or some of the new charachters we meet (I'm not sure this make's sense). Instead of being where it's all happening we just hear about it.

Ally Condies biggest strenght still is her poetic language and the moods she creates in her books. I still think it's a bit over the top for my taste in Crossed with all the poems and love declarations. Condie still writes in a way that makes this an easy read and I'm very excited about the third and last book. The pace surely must pick up in that one?

Review copy from the norwegian publisher Mangschou in exchange for an honest review

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  1. I felt the same way about Crossed! I kept waiting for some big adventure that never really came. I loved Matched, so I was disappointed I didn't like this one as much. I still want to read the last one, but I don't think it will be very action-y. :(

    1. I think you are right about the last book, but I hope it will be better than this.

  2. I am reading this very same novel now, Silje, so I'll wait to read your review until I'm finished. So far I like it but then again I haven't read more than the 50 first pages. Also my expectations are rather low since everyone seems to have issues with it.


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