Monday, July 30, 2012

My life in literature

I found this on a norwegian blog today and she found it on  Devouring Texts. I thought it seemed fun to try it out so I "stole" the idea:-) You're supposed to answer the following questions with book titles of books you read the last year. I took the liberty though of using books with english titles I read since I started to blog.

Describe Yourself:  Naive.Super

How Do You Feel: Wonderstruck

Describe Where You Currently Live: The Road

If You Could Go Anywhere, Where Would You Go:  172 Hours on the Moon

Your Favourite Form of Transportation: Wings

Your Best Friend is: This Charming Man

You and Your Friends are: Wintergirls

What's the Weather Like: Wuthering Heights

Your Fear: Pride and Prejudice

What's the Best Advice You Have to Give: Hold Tight

Thought for the Day:  The Sky is Everywhere

How I Would Like to Die: The Dead of Night

My Soul's Present Condition: Perfect Chemistry



  1. LOL I loved your answers, Silje! And I have to say that wings have got to be the greatest way to get from A to B, no need to stand in long que or wait for the transportation to arrive.

  2. hahaha Love it! Might have to give this one a go myself, it looks like fun :)

  3. Haha, this is amazing. I'm sure you had a lot of fun while making this post!

  4. It is a lot of fun, so you shoul all try:-)


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