Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book review: Poison Heart by S.B.Hayes

Poison Heart
A mysterious girl, with luminous green eyes, stares back and from that moment on she haunts Katy and appears to know her every move, even what she is thinking. What is the strange connection between them? And what is the power of the emerald pendant which the girl bestows on her?
‘I’m everything you’re not and I’m going to take over your life… I’m your worst nightmare.’
These chilling words mean that Katy is gradually backed into a corner, alienated from everyone she holds dear, even her own mother. Only her best friend Luke, keeps faith and together they must find a way to defeat the girl who is determined that she will be with Katy...even until death.
(Photo and summary form Goodreads)
My thoughts: 
I read this book earlier this summer at a time where I was struggling with most of the books I was reading. I decided to read something exciting and light and hoped this was the perfect book for me at the time. Well, it was in a way. The concept of the story is very good and the background with the beautiful and mysterious british rural landscape and old churches and cemeteries is perfect. Though the plot seems promising I think the story, characters and writing are to simple and superficial. First, the main character Katy has always felt leftout and has a mother who struggles with depression. This should make us feel for her but the author doesn't really let us in to Katy's mind so we can understand her actions and choices. Second, the other characters except for maybe Genevieve, makes little or no impression at all. I also understood some of the connections at the end before Katy did and I pretty sure that wasn't intentional.

Ok, this sounds harsh, but I have some nice things to say about this book too:-) It was all in all a pretty exciting book and a very good summer read. I had to finish it and looked forward to continue reading it whenever I could. I just wanted and expected it to be better and maybe a little darker (I mean, look at the cover!). I have seen this book being compared to Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James more than once and I'm quite sure that if you liked that one you're going to like Poison Heart.

My rating:

Review copy from the norwegian publisher Aschehoug in exchange for an honest review


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