Wednesday, October 3, 2012


In the Netherlands, the 3rd of October the best week of the year starts again: Kinderboekenweek. This year's theme is Hello World! Personally, I'm very excited and curious. The theme is meant to invite children and adults to look around, to the world surrounding us. To introduce yourself to someone different, someone from another culture. To be curious and ask: Who are you?

Until the 14th of October the whole country is dominated by children's books. Crafting workshops, writing workshops, lectures by popular authors. Throughout the country activities are organized to get young kids to read. The initiative is great in my opinion, I think events like this should happen more. Reading is important for a child's development. Yet so many young people hate reading, hate books. Which is horrible of course.
The evening before the kinderboekenweek starts, the gouden griffel is awarded, a prize for the best children's book. The gouden penseel has already been awarded, the prize for the best illustrations in a children's book. 

The winner of the gouden penseel, Sieb Posthuma.

Since I was able to read I have loved this one week. My parents and grandparents both allowed me to pick a book. A month before the actual start of the kinderboekenweek I was already looking for those two special books. When I had finally made my choice October couldn't come soon enough. 

I already noticed the UK also has a children's book week. Does your country has one, and if so, what special events are organized? If not, would you want one and why?

~ Sylke


  1. Sounds fun, I think we should have a week like that here too

  2. It's amazing, I personally think something like this should be organised all over the world.


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