Friday, March 22, 2013

Cover This! - Water

Cover This! is a brand new, and irregular, feature here at Escape In A Book. In this feature we share some of the trends we have spotted in the giant sea of 2013 releases.  This is the place where we're allowed to judge a book by its cover.

By the looks of it 2013 is going to be a wet year. Be aware of water this year, girls!

Keep your head above water

In this category my personal favorite is either Revel or Through To You, I cannot make up my mind so I guess that's a tie. For people like me, young at heart and with the apperance of an old hag(I'm turning the ancient age of 30 this year LOL),  the cover for all this could end might bring back certain memories of a pool scene in the movie Wild Things, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards playing in the swimming pool.

Romance by, in or over the water

There is no question about it, the water is a far more romantic element than say earth(and who needs air for kissing, right?!) My favorite? The September Girls cover - SWOOOON.

Death & Dystopia

One doesn't have to be an expert on the YA genre to guess that The Ward is a dystopian novel. The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand sounds kind of like Groundhog day(you know the movie) you know, but the difference is that this is a story about a boy who is bored with life and tries to kill himself.

Well what do you know, it is girls in the water.. again!

How do you feel about the water trend? Which of the covers featured is your favorite and which one did you like the least?
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  1. This is super cool, actually!! My favorites that have to do with water covers are "The Brides of Rollrock Island" and "Everlasting" - both are beautiful!!

    But of these covers - many of which I haven't seen before - I'd say my favorites are "The Ruining" and "September Girls"!

  2. I love covers that incorporate water elements. good post.

  3. I think my favorite of the water-covers is for Revel - because it's kind of blurry, like it would be if I was underneath the water as well.

    It's funny how there seems to be trends for covers - like all these with water on them. I wonder how the authors feel when they realize their cover might not be as original as they first thought.


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