Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More to look forward to for Marshmallows and book lovers in 2014

It`s not exactly brand new information at this point but I still thought it deserved a blog post. Last friday, 14th of march, the Veronica Mars movie premiered all over the world. Many fans has seen it probably more than once already and I`m sure most of us already want more, right? At least I do, and that`s why I am so happy that already on March 25th the first of at least two Veronica Mars books will be released. The second one will come out later this year. The title of the book is "The Thousand Dollar Tan Line" and it will continue where the movie ended.


The creator of Veronica Mars, Rob Thomas, actually started out as a novelist and one of the shows strenghts is its excellent and witty writing so I don`t see the need to lower any expectations to this book. The story of the novel is a story he`s been wanting to tell since the TV-show got cancelled but when the time came to make the movie there was another story that needed to be told first, about how the character`s been doing and how they get back together. If there will be a second movie it is likely that it`s based on this book. If not, Rob Thomas promises that the story of the book will not be overlooked if a second movie is based on a different story. If there`ll be another movie is dependant on how well this first movie will do and so far it looks good.

If you haven`t seen the TV-show you should definitely watch it, but it`s not mandatory before watching the movie. I don`t know if you should watch the movie before reading the book but I will get back to you on that once I`ve read it:-)

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  1. I love Veronica Mars :) Big fan of the tv series and loved the movie. Looking forward to the book :)


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