Monday, April 22, 2013

Graphic novel: Baby's In Black by Arne Bellstorf

Arne Bellstorf's Baby's in Black is based on a true (love) story. My heart was in pieces after closing the final page.

Front and back cover to the left, to the right is the book
(I love books that has something underneath the dust jacket).

All you need is love

Baby's In Black is based on the romantic relationship between the German photographer Astrid Kirrcherr and The Beatles' first bassist Stuart Sutcliff. When The Beatles was just a wee baby band they went to Hamburg, in Germany, for months they played every night at a club near The Reeperbahn.

Astrid was introduced to the band by her former boyfriend Klaus Vorman. Both Astrid and Klaus formed a friendship with the boys in the band. Astrid asked if she could photograph the band and she took a number of wonderful (now very famous) pictures of The Beatles. While working close with boys Astrid and Stuart Sutcliffe became close.

After reading Baby's In Black I ordered a photography book with
several of Astrid Kirrcherr's beautiful photos in it.

Hello, goodbye

Stuart Sutcliff was originally studying arts, he had ambitions of becoming a painter. After selling one of his works he was persuaded by his good friend John Lennon to buy a bass guitar and to join Lennon's band. Stuart played with The Beatles while in Hamburg, but left the group to continue his studies.


I loved how Bellstorf's illustrations underlined the moods and what a perfect way  he had to capture the seasons.
In case you are unfamiliar with this love story, like I was, I do not wish to reveal anything from the main story itself. Still I wanted to write down a few words about this story that broke my heart. I alsp loved the fact that I gained some knew knowledge of The Beatles while reading and that Bellstorf created a history that is for everyone, not just hardcore fans of The Beatles.


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    1. I have always loved their music, but I do not own any of it nor do I have any more than the most basic of knowledge of the band(as the names of the band and some of their songs). Still I believe that this is a story to be enjoyed for all that likes a true story, a love story or just graphic novels.

      All headlines in this review is named after a Beatles song and so is the title of this book.


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