Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Listen to my favorite from Norwegian Idol 2013

So books and music goes hand in hand, right? Right, so it is suitable for me to share some music videos with you guys from our Norwegian version of Idol. One of the contestant this year really floored me with her talent, original takes on well known songs and, last but certainly not least, her lovely voice. I would love to hear your thoughts on the singer in the comments below.


I cried!

So me crying is not something new, I almost cry every time I read a book, there is just always a wee thing or two that set me off. But I think is the first year ever a contestant has moved me to tears, at least the big, salty ones that just falls, even when you try your best to hold them back.

When 16 year old Norwegian Astrid Smeplass was voted out of Idol last Friday I cried. That is not usually how I behave when I'm watching Idol. Her voice just spoke to my soul I guess and so I wanted to share her talent with you guys.

One of the first songs Astrid did in Idol was a cover, well her own interpretation of, of Jolene by Dolly Parton(fast forward to 53 sec out in the video to get to the song):

Astrid wrote this song with a little help from two American song writers.
A good collaboration I would say:

Human by The Killers:

Cover of Her(the Norwegian word for here) by Karpe Diem:

So is it just me or does this girl have something special?

I think Astrid is an amazingly talented singer now, and as the days, months and years pass she will only grow as a singer. I am buying her music no doubt about it. I have already bought, along with a great deal others was Astrid topped the Norwegian iTunes list almost instantly, the song she composed herself.
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