Friday, August 9, 2013

World Book Lovers Day

Today is not just any day, it's World Book Lovers Day!
It's a day for those who love to read, who love to get lost in a story for hours on end. There is no better way to celebrate this than by grabbing my brandnew book, The Universe Versus Alex Woods, smelling the pages and finding a nice spot underneath a tree. Nobody will be able to reach me for hours, because finishing my book is more important than anything else today.

Another way to celebrate? Be creative! Authors have this way to show readers what they mean. As a reader you can imagine what the protagonist looks like, the evil queen in Snow White or even a complete fictional kingdom. I wanted to show that books really are magical.

How will you celebrate World Book Lovers Day? I'd love to hear!


  1. WOW, did you draw that yourself, Sylke? You got quite the talent, I love it! <3 Happy belated World Book Lovers Day!

  2. What wonderful words! Sounds like a lush day x


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