Monday, November 15, 2010

Book review: Glee: The Beginning by Sophia Lowell

My summary:
Did you ever wonder why Quinn fell for Puck or what Rachel was up to before Glee?

My thoughts:
I love, LOVE Glee and was thrilled when I was offered a review copy of this first official Glee novel. I first started this novel when I got it late in August but didn't finish it before this week. When I first started reading I just wasn't in the right mood so I decided it was best to put it aside for a little while and try later. I'm so glad that I didn't force myself to finish this book the first time around. In the cold, dark and snowy November nights reading Glee has been just the vitamin injection I needed. It was such a light and funny read.

I feel that the author did a great job staying true to the series, well except for one important thing, there's no sound(but hey that is a little to much to ask for). Some of my favorite scenes from the novel were the ones between Quinn and Puck. I have to say that reading about Puck makes me go a little weak in the knees, I have to admit that I have a slight crush on him.

Just to put you in the Glee mood(a perfect excuse to share this wonderful performance, I just love it):

If your a fan of Glee, like I am, I'm pretty sure you will love this prequel. I cannot wait to read the next Glee novel Glee: Foreign Exchange, due out February 2011. I also just noticed that a third novel is already planned, it is titled Summer Break and is due out July 2011.

The cover:
Cute with the pretty characters that we know and love. Sparkly blue font is a nice touch.

My rating of this book:
4 stars out of 5. No classic but it sure made my day brighter!

Glee: The Beginning by Sophia Lowell
Published: August 5th 2010   
Pages(paperback): 224
Publisher: Headline UK
ISBN: 9780755377374
Full disclosure: 
Received review copy from Headline UK for honest review.

This book can be purchased from a number of local retailers and on-line book stores such as Amazon or The Book Depository(I'm not an affiliate of either). The latter store does by the way have free shipping to about 100 countries.