Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something to discuss on a Saturday

As some of you might have noticed I read and reviewed Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta this week. The reason why I bought this novel in the first place was mainly because Adel from the wonderful book blog Persnickety Snark speaks/writes so highly of it. If you haven't read Adel's review of this novel then you need to go and read it now.

Just days before I started reading Jellicoe Road I came across Leonore's review, over at her superb blog Presenting Lenore, the same book and she was of a very different opinion about this novel then Adel was. So I really must say that the reason this book came so quickly off my shelf was due to these two bloggers very different opinion of this book. There's just something that appeals to me when I read such varied opinions of a book.

Earlier this week Adel wrote a blog titled When You Find Yourself Stumped where she shared her feelings about how disappointing and surprising it feels when someone doesn't feel the same way about a novel that you love so much, based on Lenore's review of Jellicoe Road. Now Adel's post has inspired a good and interesting debate over at Leonore's blog where she asks Does a YA novel have to be accessible? I've written down my own thoughts as a reply on Lenore's post and for me this is about the variations in personal preferences.

This whole debate is very interesting and I just wanted to spread the word so that more book bloggers can share their opinions on this and perhaps some of you will discover a new blog? Both girls are excellent bloggers!

Enjoy your Saturday :)